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Marina Facility

The marina facility offers 281 boat wells, ranging in length from 25 to 60 feet. All wells are equipped with electricity and city water. The Club maintains a pump out station, Fuel Dock with ethanol free gasoline, and premium diesel, a gin pole for mast handling and equipment for moving and launching sail and powerboats up to 15 tons. Winter storage is available for approximately 500 boats.

The marina has two separate harbor facilities. The East Basin is on Frenchman’s Creek. The docks in the East Harbor are assigned with numbers 0 through 115. The Travel Lift, Gin-pole, Fuel Dock and Pump-out are located on the East basin. Dock 34 has the pump-out and gin-pole and Fuel  Dock. The travel lift is located immediately to the South of this dock.

The West Basin has docks numbers assigned starting with an alphabetic character from “A” to “H”. The “A” dock is the first area as you enter the West Basin and the “G” dock is at the back of the harbor; “H” dock is on Banana Island. The visitors dock is located at the end of “A” dock as you enter the West Basin. The Club House separates the two harbor entrances.

There is also a small boat launch ramp, and a 3 ton Single point lift, as well as a Kayak rack, on the northwest side of the property.


Permanent and Temporary dock assignments are available only to the Equity Members of the Ford Yacht Club. Our Basic and Regular members have the right to limited overnight stays in available open wells.

All docks in the Ford Yacht Club have minimum and maximum lengths, and maximum beams assigned to them. Only boats that meet the criteria will be assigned to a dock on a permanent basis. Dock bidding is from October to March. The bid process consists of:
1) the boats compatibility to the dock and
2) the member’s Seniority Date.

Temporary dock assignments are made from April to September. Any dock that does not have a permanent assignment or will not be used for the season may have a Temporary Assignment made to it. The Temporary assignment is made to Equity Members on boat compatibility and member seniority. These Temporary assignments are only good for that season.

The current rate for dockage is 17.00 per running foot. Docks with 60 amp service have an annual assessment of $2.00 per running foot. Docks with 30 amp service have an annual assessment of $1.00 per running foot. All dock assignments are based on the boats overall length, including bow pulpits and swim platforms. The maximum running length the club can handle is 60 feet. Docks do have a minimum billing length.



Boat storage on the FYC grounds is available to all members. The Equity members have first rights to storage, followed by the Regular and then Basic members. We have the facilities to store approximately 500 boats. Haul out and Launch days are setup by the club to assist members with their boats. We have members who are certified to run the travel lift and other equipment. The shoring, covering and preparations are the responsibility of the boat owner. The current rate for Equity and Regular members is $0.65 per sq foot. Basic and Junior members are charged a rate of $1.30 per sq foot.

The storage is broken into two periods, Summer and Winter. The Winter storage period is October 16th to April 15th. The Summer period is from April 16th to October 15th. The storage rates apply to each storage period. Boats not launched during the boating season will be charged Summer Storage. We also allow members who use the boat ramp, the use of the storage facilities so they do not have to haul their small boats back and forth. They pay the storage rates for the season used.
Harbormaster Phone : 1-734-546-3673  VHF Channel 69