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Boat of the Year Qualifications

(See below the FYC Boat of the Year information for links to Boats of the Year that FYC members can qualify for that are sponsored by AYC, DRYA, and Sail GI.)

2023 Ford Yacht Club Boat of the Year Qualifications

Please complete the form below to be officially entered for Ford Yacht Club’s yearly BOTY awards. This form must be submitted by October 1st by email to

FYC BOTY is open to all FYC members in good standing that have started at least 7 of the races listed in the attachment.

BOTY calculations will be done using the Cox-Sprague scoring system, the yachts with the best percentage of winning to the hundredth decimal “000.0%” will be considered for FYC BOTY.

Classes in which you may compete include PHRF Spinnaker OR PHRF Jib and Main. A RRS rule 2 violation in any race during the year may disqualify you from qualification for BOTY.

Your BOTY calculations also must include 1 race from FYC, GIYC, and WSSC. If you did not start a race with one of those clubs, you may take a DNS scoring if necessary. Selected races have been agreed to with our partner clubs in agreements to try and encourage participation in larger events.

Ties will be broken to the hundredth-place decimal of the percentage of calculation for Cox-Sprague. If a tie still exists, two boats may be awarded BOTY in the same year pending a vote of the race committee.