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The membership application form is included with this packet. The application form must be completed and returned to the Club office. You must attend a Member Orientation Meeting prior to consideration of your membership by the committee and Board of Directors. Confirmation of your attendance at an orientation meeting should be made with the Membership Committee Chairperson.


There are four active membership categories at the Ford Yacht Club as well as a Transitional Probationary Membership. They are:

  • Junior Member – This class of membership provides limited club social services and limited marina services.
  • Basic Member – This class of membership provides all club social services, Restaurant and lounge and limited marina services at a higher rate.
  • Regular Member – This class of membership provides all club services, Restaurant and Lounge except the right to a permanent dock assignment.
  • Equity Member – This class of membership provides all club services, Restaurant and Lounge and the right to a permanent dock, dependent on availability.
  • Transitional - Probationary - (Trial Membership) Can join the club in March-September with full summer dockage privileges as a Regular Member (floater) .                          Floater Dockage is [(boat length plus 2ft plus $3.00 per foot electrical usage)] and $19.00 per foot for the summer season. Example, 26' Boat :26'+2'=28' x ($3ft electrical + $19ft dockage) =28 feet x $22/ft is $616 for the summer. The member must pay monthly dues, club minimums, work the prorated work hours or fees, and has no voting rights. This member must either join the club as an Active Member by October or choose to leave.